Videoconferences on the social, political and economical aspects of coronavirus pandemic

17/24/31·03·2020 & 07/21·04·2020

In collaboration with the Collective Intelligence Development Network (CID-N), we conducted an online debate on the political and economic aspects of the coronavirus outbreak, and the communication strategy and its psychological impact on the population upon the current situation of the pandemic. The discussion was based on the following topics:


  • Renata Kubus, Founder of CID-N and member of SciDF, PhD Student on Innovation Ecosystems.
  • Enrique Varela Couceiro, Founder of FUNTESO, Social Technology Foundation.
  • Víctor Gómez Blanco, Economist, MS in Development and Economic Growth and PhD Student on History of Economics.
  • Evangelina Martich, PhD in Social Policy, specialized in Public Health.
  • Vittoria Spinosa, Dr. in Biomedicine and Psychologist, and member of the executive committee and co-responsible for SciDF Projects.
  • Raquel Edelicia Campos-Macha
  • José Luis Rodríguez
  • Miguel Benavides
  • Jordi Gatnau
  • César Casares
  • Alberto Agudo Salú
  • Moderator Session 1: Laura Díaz, President of SciDF, Biologist, MS in Genetics and Cell Biology and PhD in Biomedicine.
  • Moderator Session 4: Adrián Hinojosa, PhD Student on Stochastic Differential Equations and SciDF member.




Collective Intelligence Development Network (CID-N)
FUNTESO – Social Technology Foundation



Scidf participants

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