Euroscience Open Forum 2018

Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) is to scientists with interdisciplinary interest what birthdays are for kids. Except birthdays take place every year, while we have to wait for two long years before we get our ESOF again. After SciDF’s first ESOF experience in 2016 in Manchester, we happily returned in July 2018 to Toulouse to learn … Leer más

SciDF@Bars – From the laboratory to the Parliament. Scientific advice

With a beer in hand and a distended ambience, last 26th of April we discussed about scientific advice in politics in our SciDF@Bars with four experts on the topic Twenty years ago on the very same day our SciDF@Bars about scientific advice took place, our first speaker Xavier Querol, professor at the IDAEA-CSIC, with long … Leer más