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In the context of the I&Research Seminars for PhD DTIC - UPF, SciDF Vice-president Carla Conejo and SciDF Treasurer Ryan Armstrong presented to the community of predoctoral research and staff the SciDF approach to promote that researchers are more actively involved in society and the political sphere through a broad number of actions. Topics that go from general outreach to science diplomacy are quite well aligned with several of the priorities of the María de Maeztu transversal actions, that include opening up scientific work and setting the means that guarantee that excellent science also results in positive impacts in society. After the presentation, an participative workshop was performed to introduce predoctoral research and staff attending to the concept of Open Science from their own perspective.



Department of Information Technology and Communications
University Pompeu Fabra (DTIC – UPF)


Department of Information Technology and Communications of the University Pompeu Fabra (DTIC – UPF). C/ de Tànger 122-140. Barcelona. Live Streaming


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