Puzzle of the Global Challenges


The purpose of this activity is to convey that in order to solve many of the current global challenges, the different representatives of the scientific, political, economic and civil society sectors need to sit at the same table to discuss and find solutions together, because their interests are interdependent: the best solution for everyone is not the best for the whole. For this reason, participants are invited to solve a puzzle using a role-playing game. Each puzzle consists of four pieces and each piece represents a possible solution to a problem of high social impact. Each participant dressed up a costume and speaks for a representative from each of these sectors: scientists, politicians, businessmen/economists and civil society. Each group will have to choose the part that, for them, represents the best solution to the problem and then have to check if their own solution fits with the solution of the other groups. Participants will realize that only through dialogue and critical thinking can one of the possible solutions to the problem be reached together in an agreed manner.



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