Puzzle of the global challenges

The puzzle of the global challenges is a role-playing activity around a puzzle designed by SciDF. The objective of the puzzle is to develop critical thinking through experiencing different parts of decision-making and dialogue.

It’s been presented with great success in several events:


  • Magnific activity to reflect on the need of dialogue among the agents for the advance of science.
  • A great way to deliver a message about collaboration to solve problems from different points of view.
  • Very nice experience. I love the message, very open-minded.
  • Revealing and entertaining experience. Using humour to reflect on very delicate topics.
  • This is a highly interesting activity and it should be studied and published and used in schools.
  • Excellent activity and message. Great way to tackle the issue with all ages and teach that changing society depends on more than one sector.

Original idea by Vittoria Spinosa in collaboration with SciDF.