#Imperdible_03 de la Fundación Cotec

On 23rd-24th of November 2018, SciDF had the pleasure to participate in the #Imperdible_03, the third edition of insignia events signed by Fundación Cotec with our puzzle of global challenges.

This year’s topic was the future and innovation of the cities. Among the numerous unmissable activities, there were an escape room set in 2076, videogames, autonomous cars, tallers of urban art, sport and music aimed to show how the city changed and how it can still change in time.

In line with the spirit of active citizen participation, promoted by the event, the SciDF offered an entertaining reflection space where participants, from all ages, could isolate for a while from technology and revive their critical thinking, thanks to an activity which combined a role playing and a puzzle game.

Left to right: Roger Ponce, Patricia Laiz, Laura Díaz, Vittoria Spinosa, Renata Kubus, Janire Gesto

SciDF invited participants to face the arrival of the autonomous cars from different perspectives. During the first part of each session, participants experienced the impossibility of solving issues thinking only on their own interests, but finally they had the possibility to share their points of view as citizens, scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs and to debate altogether on the different ways of decision making.

During #Imperdible_03, around 32 sessions and a total of 220 people participated in this SciDF activity, showing highly enthusiasm for the SciDF values.

We believe that one of the keys for the progress of the cities is represented by the awareness of the citizens about the impact of science & technology in the everyday life. To this aim it is fundamental to have more spaces in which citizens can express their opinions and doubts about innovation, instead of being simply passive users of innovation.

We wish to keep creating aggregation spaces between people of different sectors, in order to enrich more and more the dialogue about science and contribute in exchanging ideas for a better future.

Vittoria Spinosa

SciDF members involved:

Vittoria Spinosa, Laura Diaz, Roger Ponce, Renata Kubus, Janire Gesto, Patricia Laiz, Berta Gallego, Mariri Vicioso