Festival de la Ciència 2018 – Solve the puzzle of the global challenges

On the 9th of June 2018, the 12th Science Festival took place in Barcelona to bring together research and innovation to the the public.

Amongst more than 230 activities that were held at Ciutadella Park, SciDF proposed a role playing game, in which participants had to solve global issues, taking into consideration the interests of four actors: scientists, politicians, society and the private sector.

The activity, proposed by SciDF, aroused enthusiasm and interest from young and adult people.

Despite the age gap between the participants of the activity, children and parents showed a strong engagement and together found the key to solve the SciDF puzzle.

Vittoria Spinosa

Team at Festival de la Ciència:

Vittoria Spinosa, Yoran Beldengrün , Roger Ponce, Janire Gesto, Jeremie Nestor