Campus Gutenberg 2018


SciDF participated at Campus Gutenberg 2018, a conference devoted to communication, outreach and scientific culture. SciDF member Patricia Lais gave a brief introduction about the association and its main actions. Vittoria Spinosa offered the workshop of the ‘Puzzle of the Global Challenges’, a role playing game and a puzzle to solve, in an inclusive approach, global scientific problems. Janire Gesto also gave an introductory talk of bionic engineering in medicine and organs manufactured in 3D printers to tackle the question of what being a ‘human being’ really means, and the limits and integrity of the concept. Not so long ago, the medical ethics code was the only legal framework applied. However, due to the recent technological developments and to the problems emerged from its application, it has been necessary to reconsider the bioethical approach in the matter. The discussion versed at asking scientists what is first? The sci-tech progress, the economic impact or the natural and fundamental values of life?

Scidf participants

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