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Open science: from values to practice

Building a roadmap for transformative change B-Debate organized an event to discuss the impact and future of Open Science. With the support of IDIBAPS, SciDF President Laura Díaz and SciDF member Olívia Tort participated in this event through a poster and a flash talk presentation.

In this event we learnt that open science is a wide concept involving e.g. open access, patient engagement, transparency, data sharing, a real impact of science on society, etc. The biggest problem so far to implement it is how to evaluate scientists. There is The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics. The almetrics (alternative metrics: tweets, likes, etc.) have failed in general (maybe fine for nutrition or very specific areas). The areas of science are so diverse that different ‘framework’ metrics are needed.

Another important observation is that science has become hypercompetitive, and new efforts should be addressed to make it more collaborative (e.g. EU grants through consortiums with the best experts). Of note there is a big problem in science ethics, integrity and reproducibility. Scientists have a barrier to share ‘their’ data and include non-scientists in shaping science. Open science can be seen as an opportunity to do ‘good’ science: ‘Good science anywhere is good for science everywhere’.



Barcelona International Center for Scientific Debate (BDebate)
Biocat & Obra Social La Caixa


CosmoCaixa, Carrer d’Isaac Newton 26. Barcelona


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