Directive board

Laura Díaz

Biomedicine predoctoral researcher

I decided to become part of the team of SciDF because its unique vision of considering science not as an isolate element, but engaged with politics and society, all equal parts of the same whole. I will bring to SciDF my commitment and my background in science and the scientific sector.

Carla Conejo

Vice president
Science projects leader

Science is one of the main engines for our world’s progress, and SciDF is here to raise consciousness about it. SciDF is giving me the chance to be in this place where things happen, where there is a will of change and the people behind it are awesome! To help SciDF reach its goals, I will bring my expertise in science projects management and leadership.

Janire Gesto


Scientists and jurists have social expectations that become common needs and interests in favour of certain social issues. Volunteering, as a human conscience, cannot delegate its personal responsibility in someone else, because each member is involved as a change agent in interdisciplinary dialogue circles.

Ryan Armstrong

PhD in Management, Systems Thinking

At its best, science is about pursuing means to improve the human condition. SciDF offers me and others a platform to pursue those aims unhindered, along with a group of some of Barcelona’s brightest! To help SciDF reach its goals, I do my part to keep the organizational gears turning and occasionally go on tangents about the philosophy of science.