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Scientists Dating Forum (SciDF) is a non-profit association formed by young international interdisciplinary members, including scientists, business people, lawyers, communications specialists, philosophers and economists.

SciDF aims at involving the non-scientist members of society, scientists and politicians to promote science as a common good asset. To do so, we perform actions on the different groups with a unitary message close to science, but adapted to each group:

We want citizens to become accomplices of the science process so that they understand that science is part of their lives, even when it’s not obvious. Hence our actions in the field of citizen science.

We want researchers to take action and explore beyond academia. Hence our projects related to their employment projection and our round tables where researchers see a new approach to their profession.

We want politicians to get more involved and to consider science a priority for the well-being of citizens. Hence our actions and debates on topics connecting science and politics.