SciDF4Fun – ¡Es que yo soy así!

The first SciDF4Fun mixes science with arts in our last event of 2016.

On 14th December, SciDF launched its new pillar, SciDF4Fun, with a performance by Crisal Rodriguez that combined science, poetry, dance and music at bar La Rouge in Barcelona.

Since the beginning, SciDF focused on the transformation of the scientific community through a bottom-up fresh and entertaining approach. We usually mix educative and debate sessions with fun. With the social events called SciDF4Fun, we do it the other way around: we bring people together at fun events—such as shows, parties or excursions—linking them to some topic at the interface between science and politics, economics and society.

Last Wednesday evening, the first SciDF4Fun took place at La Rouge in Barcelona. Crisal Rodriguez performed a show with the title ¡Es que yo soy así! (That’s the way I am!), which combined science, poetry, dance and music to talk about where we come from and how we got here. Crisal walked us through her life and science experiences connecting with how life and humans came to be and what moves us. Deep and complex questions arose during the performance; which were not exclusively scientific but also everyday reflections and affections of the human beings.

The show did not let anyone indifferent. After a round of applause, the audience, about 50 people, had the opportunity to discuss relevant issues related with science, politics, economics and society. As more people shared their thoughts, others joined in a passionate conversation that explored and questioned our experiences and beliefs, resulting in a fruitful debate. If we didn’t leave with all the answers, we surely took home lots of food for thought.

But the session did not end at that point. Once the show and questions were over, the attendees kept on drinking beer and chatting in a relaxed atmosphere. It was our last event this year and the first SciDF4Fun, which proved to be a successful format. We are looking forward to the following editions.

Roger Tarrés
Yoran Beldengrün
Òscar Aznar Alemany