3rd Biomed PhDay


SciDF offered a workshop entitled ‘Analyzing factors for getting the PhD and keeping the sanity’, intended for the students of the Biomedicine PhD Program of the University of Barcelona (UB). The workshop, developed by SciDF member Vittoria Spinoza and conducted in collaboration with SciDF President Laura Díaz and SciDF member Ryan Armstrong, was the initial step of a larger project aimed at promoting well-being within the universities and other research centers, with particular attention to PhD students. Specifically, the structure of this workshop aimed to raise awareness among PhD students about the risks faced during this particular research stage and about the interconnection of different drivers. The workshop allowed PhD students to analyze the factors that can affect their well-being, to discuss the possible solutions and to understand the complexity of the situation. At the end of the workshop the participants were invited to fill in a questionnaire to reflect upon their own experience and to contribute in shedding a light into the current situation within the Biomedicine Program of the UB. Deeper analyses will be soon carried on using those data, but preliminary analysis seems to show that those PhD students perceive themselves as affected by stress-related issues and wish to participate in more initiatives offering tips to face this peculiar situation.



Biomed PhD Day


Faculty of Biology. University of Barcelona (UB). Avinguda Diagonal 643. Barcelona


Scidf participants

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