Events in bars, wich are a combination of a roundtable discussion with experts of the field, interactive case studies with the public and a social component.

15 Mar 2018 in Madrid
AfterScience – Resolver problemas de genética… ¿y crear otros de ética? CRISPR-Cas
  • SciDF, junto con AsBioMad, celebró un evento para aprender y reflexionar sobre CRISPR-Cas, la tecnología de edición génica de máxima actualidad.
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25 Oct 2017
El sector científico y la in/dependencia de Cataluña
12 Jul 2017
Strategies in science and science policy
16 Feb 2017
Women and science: past, present, future
  • The role of women in science is becoming increasingly evident, but there still exists some difficult barriers to cross. Scientists women highlight these facts and discuss possible causes and solutions.
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17 Nov 2016
Scientists! Who said business is none of your business?
  • Entrepreneurship and sciences are in everyone’s policy agenda but as researchers, scientists or entrepreneurs our vision and reality are often different.
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  • Other appearences: La Vanguardia
26 Oct 2016
How Democratic should Science be?
  • The round table discussion orbited around the relation between science and society, including whether society should participate in scientific decision or what its role actually is.
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