SciDF Co-Lab

Collaborations with various partners in form of organising workshops, giving talks etc. for/with them.

15 Mar 2018 in Madrid
AfterScience – Resolver problemas de genética… ¿y crear otros de ética? CRISPR-Cas
  • SciDF, junto con AsBioMad, celebró un evento para aprender y reflexionar sobre CRISPR-Cas, la tecnología de edición génica de máxima actualidad.
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27-28 Feb 2018 in Barcelona
YoMo – Youth Mobile Festival
  • SciDF offered an interactive stand and captured the attention and enthusiasm of many participants with an educative and entertaining activity in spite of the surrounding stands with highly modern technology.
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20 Sep 2017 in Bilbao
Conference Science +
  • Un evento cuyo objetivo consistía en mostrar el amplio rango de las salidas profesionales dentro del ámbito científico y las diferentes formas de acceder a ellas.
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12 Sep 2017 at UPF Communication Campus, Barcelona
Falling Walls Lab Barcelona
  • Falling Walls Lab is a challenging, inspiring and interdisciplinary format for outstanding talents that offers the opportunity to excellent academics and professionals to present their innovative ideas, research projects and social initiatives.
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16 May 2017 at Ateneu Barcelones, Barcelona
The 2nd Homo scientificus europaeus Meeting
  • This meeting objective was to ‘foster the creation of a large pan-European community of citizen-scientists supporting the new social contract between science and society’.
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24-25 Feb 2017 in Barcelona
IV Congreso Nacional de Científicos Emprendedores
  • The primary aim of a congress is not that people come to listen and learn, but to create a space of mutual learning and encounter, and provide opportunities for new ideas to be born.
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18 Jan 2017 at University of Girona
Workshop How to convey key messages of your research
  • Workshop organised and offered by SciDF
15 Dec 2016 in Barcelona
AGAUR Seminar Supporting the professional development of researchers
  • Yoran Beldengrün, president SciDF, invited as speaker in roundtable discussion: Challenges of supporting the professional development of researchers
28 Nov 2016 in Brussels
20th birthday of the Marie Sklodwdowska-Curie Actions
  • On the conference celebrating 20 years MSCA, Yoran Beldengrün, president of Scientists Dating Forum, formed part of a panel about the future of researchers’ training in Europe.
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12 Sep 2016 in Barcelona
Campus Gutenberg
  • The Communication Team of SciDF participated in the Campus Gutenberg, a congress devoted to communication and scientific culture, conducting a workshop on creating a successful elevator pitch.
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28 Jul 2017 in Manchester
Conference Researcher and Society: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions at EuroScience Forum 2016
  • Thinkers, innovators, policy makers, journalists and educators came together in Manchester, where science and technology is strongly marking its history due to the city’s major role in the industrialisation and textile fabrication.
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25-29 Jul 2016 in Barcelona
Social Impact of Science Conference
  • The Conference on Social Impact of Science provided a framework where different actors from various fields discussed the existing good practices, as well as the processes for further improvement of the social impact of science.
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