Òscar Aznar Alemany


-Environmental chemist


Working Place:

-Institute of Environmental Assessement and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC)

-TERMCAT Centre de Terminologia

Science and me:

  • PhD in Environmental Chemistry
  • 2 masters in Analytical Chemistry

Experience in Dating or other Engagement:

  • Presentations at International Congresses (e.g. DIOXIN or SETAC)
  • Organising Committee at seminars for SCATERM and IDAEA
  • Chairman at 1st Meeting of Young Researchers from the IDAEA-CSIC
  • Winner of Science Slam SETAC Europe 2015 and Science Slam SETAC Europe 2017
  • Organising Committee and host of Science Slam SETAC Europe 2016
  • Catalan Language Coordinator for TED Conferences

If not working or dating you can find me:

  • Reading and writing
  • Learning languages
  • Travelling