Olivia Tort Regàs



Working Place:


Science and me:

  • Postdoc at the HIV Research Group (IDIBAPS, Hospital Clinic)
  • Visitor scientist (Institut Curie, France)
  • PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (UAB)
  • Master in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (UAB)
  • Degree in Biotechnology (UAB)

Experience in Dating or other Engagement:

  • Collaborating in a Barcelona Science Diplomacy iniciative
  • Participating in the training committee at IDIBAPS: conferences about soft skills
  • Volunteering at Argo grants (UAB): immersion of high school students in science
  • Talks for non-scientific audiences (at my village, for high-school students)

If not working or dating you can find me:

  • In my Dutch class
  • At yoga
  • Taking care of my little one
  • Going for a walk and enjoying a coffee in a terrasse
  • Out for dinner in a good spot in Barcelona