Laurent Ladépêche

Laurent Ladépêche


Postdoc in neurobiology, I study the mechanisms of autoimmune encephalitis using super resolution microscopy

Working Place:


Science and me:

  • Postdoc in Neuroimmunology (Barcelona)
  • PhD in Neurosciences (Bordeaux, France)
  • Master in Neurosciences (Bordeaux, France)
  • Bachelor in Cell Biology and Physiology (Bordeaux, France)

Experience in Dating or other Engagement:

  • Coordinating Pint of Science Barcelona since 2015
  • Contributing to ICFO’s outreach activities since 2014
  • Organizing events with the Marie Curie Association since 2018
  • Created an Alumni association for Neuroscience students in Bordeaux
  • Representative of the Life Sciences PhD students in Bordeaux for 2 years

If not working or dating you can find me:

  • Trying out a new bar or restaurant with some friends
  • Exploring new exhibitions or unknown parts of Catalonia
  • Attending an Opera or other concert