Campus Gutenberg 2018 of Science Communication and Culture

Campus Gutenberg took place at the science museum CosmoCaixa in Barcelona on 17-18th of October.

Campus Gutenberg is a meeting that brings together professional researchers, journalists, communicators, etc. to provide an update to ways to bring science closer to society.

Opening the second day, Patricia Laiz represented SciDF in the debate called “Professional associations: missions, visions and accions” along with Raúl Torán from the Asociació Catalana de Comunicació Científica, Margarida Mas from the Asociación Nacional de Informadores de Salud and Óscar Menéndez from the Asociación Española de Comunicación Científica.

The speakers presented how their organizations work to achieve their objectives. Be it promoting, disseminating and extending science communication, ensuring the ethics in health communication, defending the members interests or highlighting the importance of the scientific sector to society and politicians.

All those speakers agreed on the importance of collaborating between different associations and to work together to achieve common goals.

After that, Janire Gesto lawyer and member of SciDF gave a talk about “Ethics and bionics” where she discussed about how to manage the difficulties and which actors should confront the problems.

In the afternoon, they were programmed simultaneous workshops, one of them was conducted by Vittoria Spinosa and Patricia Laiz from SciDF. This activity invited the attendees to solve issues that society is facing and to represent, for one day, one of the four sectors of the quadruple helix: scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs and civil society.

During the Campus Gutenberg 2018 it was clear that it is crucial to get society involved in the scientific field, and a fundamental step to accomplish that, is science communication.

Patricia Laiz