Congreso de la Asociación de Comunicadores de Biotecnología – BioComunica18

On 24th September, Yoran Beldengrün from SciDF had the plesure to speak at BioComunica18, organised by the Asociación de Comunicadores de Biotecnología in Sevilla.

The round table discussion, to which we were invited focussed on communication and lobbies in the scientific sector. Besides Yoran Beldengrün, Elena Campos from the Asociación para Proteger el Enfermo de Terapias Pseudocientificas (APETP), Conchi Novillo, Regulatory Affairs Manager South Europe from Bayer Crop Science and Eduardo Oliver from Ciencia en el Parlamento talked on this panel, moderated by Roi Villar, president of the Asociación de Comunicadores de Biotecnología.

All those speakers presented their ways on how their organisations give public attention to scientific discourse. Be it fighting against pseudotherapies, promoting a scientific advice mechanism for the Spanish parliament, promoting biotechnological solutions in agriculture or highlighting the importance of the scientific sector to society and politicians.

It remained clear that, being it called lobby, advocacy or advice, the interaction between scientists and the political scene has to be increased, in order to assure evidence based decision and better conditions for the scientific sector in Spain.

Yoran Beldengrün